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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Bolder Blends with Continental Carbon

Bolder Industries and Continental Carbon partner to commercialise sustainable products

Bolder Blends with Continental Carbon

Bolder Industries and Continental Carbon Company a leader in the development and manufacture of furnace-grade carbon blacks for the tyre and rubber industry, have announced  that they have entered into a co-marketing agreement to commercialise breakthrough, sustainable products for the global rubber and plastics industry.

Following five years of research and development with BolderBlack®, Bolder’s flagship carbon black alternative has over 300 product validations in rubber and plastics applications. Bolder and CCC have agreed to jointly supply the rubber and plastics industry with the first-ever commercially available sustainable blend of CCC’s carbon black grades with BolderBlack with virgin grades, including N550, N650, N660, N762, and N774. BolderBlack is produced from 100 per cent post-consumer or post-industrial tyres and rubber scrap.

The partnership establishes a leadership position for Bolder and CCC in the rubber and plastic sustainability markets. Customers can now purchase sustainable, pre-blended fillers customised at various ratios directly from Continental Carbon Company with measurable environmental sustainability benefits.

Bolder Industries released a study that demonstrates a BolderBlack​ Inside​ blend of N762 at 20 per cent does not have any physical property variation beyond the accepted measurement tolerance. A 3 per cent blend of the 27Blb global market would result in a reduction of 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, 9 billion gallons of water saved, 1 billion kWh less electricity used, and 120 million tires diverted from landfills.

“We have always believed in partnering with the traditional carbon black manufacturers to support the end customer. We can now provide a unique solution to tyre companies, industrial rubber goods, and plastics manufacturers ​at a large scale,” said Tony Wibbeler, founder and CEO of Bolder Industries. “We recently announced that Bolder Industries plans to merge with a publicly-traded company, GigCapital2. This merger will provide the capital required to address the global market created by this partnership with CCC.”

“We have been impressed by the quality, consistency, and manufacturing ability of Bolder Industries and strongly believe this is an​ important step toward a more profitable and sustainable future for the rubber and plastics industry. This strategic partnership allows us to offer soft-grade blends into a marketplace that desperately needs to provide a closed-loop solution,” said CCC President Dennis Hetu.

Bolder and CCC also announced their collective project to create an ASTM-grade sustainable black at Bolder’s Bledsoe Innovation Center to impact rubber and plastics sustainability further.

On October 27, 2020, GigCapital2, Inc., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, and Bolder announced that they have entered into a non-binding letter of intent (“LOI”) for a business combination. The business combination would result in Bolder becoming a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.


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