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SEGINUS - Tyre Recycling the Ecuadorian Way (2021)

Tyre recycling may not be the first thing that we think of when we consider Ecuador, but the reality is that any country that has a transport system will have a tyre recycling challenge to face.

Rueda Verde - Rueda Verde Leads the Way in Colombia (2021)

Increasingly, tyre recycling is becoming a “must have” industry around the world. Without tyre recycling the world is simply storing up huge problems for the future.

Untha - Untha Makes a Return to Tyres (2021)

Untha is an Austrian shredder manufacturer who dipped out of the tyre sector for some time but has recently returned to the fray with its new XR3000 series of shredders.

GENEU - Tyre Recycling in Uruguay (2021)

Tyre arisings are a global concern, and around the world, different countries take slightly different views on how tyres arisings are managed. The dominant process is usually some form of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

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