Editorial and Market Analysis

Sustainability - The Great Hope of Tyre Recycling (2021)

Sustainability is the word that appears in almost every press release from almost every multinational in almost any industry. The tyre industry is no less infatuated with the term, but what does it actually mean?

Tyre Recycling in Europe - Presentation to CTRA Conference (2021)

In the current times, the tradition of conferences and exhibitions has been completely disrupted by the pandemic. Travel restrictions and quarantines around the world make just about any face-to-face real-world events a near impossibility. This is just as much true of China as it is of any other market.

A Future for Crumb Rubber (2021)

Announced in February, a new report from Sweden suggests that it may be easier to minimise crumb rubber loss than was thought.

Is this the End of Crumb Rubber Infill? (2021)

After consultation and discussion, the European Chemicals Agency has decided to recommend the ban on the use of crumb rubber infill on artificial sports surfaces.

Pyrolysis - An Overview (2021)

Let us start at the beginning. Pyrolysis is not a new technology; it has been around for a long time, it was used back in the iron age when it was discovered that charcoal, a pyrolysed form of wood, gave a better heat than just burning wood.

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