Granuband – Off the Peg Tyre Recycling – Issue 2014-1

Tyre shredding is deceptively complex. Most people coming into the business do not understand that until it is too late. Tyres are pretty easy to come by, especially in the free markets. Shredders are pretty much readily available in the used equipment market, a sure sign that perhaps things are not as simple as they seem. Nonetheless, people will set up processing companies, buy used equipment, or perhaps affordable new equipment and off they go shredding tyres. In the UK in particular they actually get paid to take the tyres in, so if they can sell the output, they are in the money, or so it would seem. However, time and time again, we read of reports of abandoned tyre stockpiles, some are simply illegal, but many are the result of poor management, that and the incoming stock not being matched by outgoing product. The stock keeps coming in because the gate fee brings much needed cash in. But that is only a short term fix, and before they know it the company is drowning in stock, raw casings or processed material. So they sell off the equipment for whatever they can get on the second hand market and leave the tyres for the Environment Agency to deal with.

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