From Conception to Maturity – Recyclers Innovate to Develop – Issue 2014-3

The markets for recycled tyre materials have burgeoned during the past two decades for a variety of reasons. The impetus began from the early EU thrust towards sustainability and resource efficiency, which fostered the identification of tyres as a priority waste stream in 1989. The need to recycle tyres was further reinforced in the ‘Landfill, ‘End-of-Life Vehicle’, and ‘Incineration of Waste’ Directives a decade later (1999 – 2000). And, if the need was still not fully recognised, it was reiterated in the ‘Thematic Strategies’ which followed from 2003 forward. The 2008 ‘Revised Framewwork Directive on Waste’ refocused the demand by identifying tyres as a key concern.

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