Is There Another Way of Handling Producer responsibility? – Issue 2014-3

Let’s be brutally frank. How many of us truly care what happens to our waste – so long as it doesn’t pile up in our own backyard? We can go to the good old fashioned butchers, there are still a few around, and buy our meat from the counter, it may even get cut from the carcass in front of our eyes. It gets wrapped in the minimum of film and popped into a bag, maybe even an environmentally friendly biodegradable bag. And the meat is invariably better and cheaper than the supermarkets’, but, convenience means that we buy our meat prepacked in polystyrene trays, maybe even packed in a cardboard box with a pretty picture on it. The meat is less good, the packaging is waste and the cardboard box or wrapper always shows a delicious looking meal that 90 per cent of domestic cooks will never achieve, with no reference to the source of the content of the pack. We take it home, we dump the wrapping in the bin, maybe a recycling bin, and we forget about it.

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