Time for Intervention – Issue 2013-4

The UK government has announced a 5p charge on plastic bags supplied by the larger chain stores. This has been hailed as a great step towards developing a recycling culture in the UK. As an environmentalist who assiduously re-uses carrier bags, one might imagine that the editor of Tyre and Rubber Recycling would be enthusiastic about this step to drive recycling. After all, Friends of the Earth and all the other environmental pressure groups are over the moon. The government has stated that this will only apply to larger stores – one presumes the larger consumers such as the supermarket chains – well there is one fly in the ointment already, what about all the independents? The money raised from the sale of these carriers will go to charity. Surely no-one could complain about that? Well actually, it might depend upon which charities the funds go to. Might it not be better using the funds raised to encourage a recycling culture across the UK?

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