Tyre Pyrolisis – It’s Black and It Gets Better – Issue 2013/3

This month’s issue contains a large section devoted to pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is nothing new, it is a process that has been around for centuries. However, the big interest for the tyre recycling sector is that pyrolysis goes some way to unbaking the cake that is vulcanised rubber. The big problem lies in the wide range of factors that impact upon the efficiency of a tyre pyrolysis plant. Firstly, the feedstock material is not clean, it isn’t even uniform. It will contain elements of contaminants, and these can impact upon the quality of the end product. The feedstock itself will have a wide range of additives, and these vary from compounder to compounder, and even from one batch to the next as producers constantly strive to improve their product. So the feedstock’s actual make up is a variable. That means that whatever is done during the pyrolysis process, the char at the end of the process, and the oils, will also carry a varying level of “contaminants” depending upon the feedstock. To an extent in the oil fraction, these contaminants can be removed during the rectifying process.

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