Ecoscape Project – Issue 2014-1

Usually, when one is driving around peripheral areas or going for a walk in countryside, it happens that one’s view is marred by giant prefabricated production plants that impact negatively on the surrounding land. Nowadays, landscape and production/work can be considered as the antithesis of each other; a growing plant needs to devour more and more space in the shortest lapse of time, without any kind of care of the pre-existing environment. Most
people associate the “idea” of the plant with grey, concrete, huge preassembled walls, dusts and access roads.
And it is with this picture in mind that WRS and ITALPROGET, with a group of young engineers want to break away from the common perception of the standard production plant, by giving birth to ECOSCAPE: A project that aims to create all the features that everybody would like to see in a production plant, but, at the same time, nobody has yet been able to conceive.

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