Hugs&Co Reveal Tyre Fashion Loafers

Hugs&Co Loafers

Hugs&Co Tyre is bringing a level of functionality to driving loafers that upgrades them into a more widely usable piece of luxury footwear.

Introducing the Environmentally Friendly Loafer

Millions of scrap tyres pile up every year. Designed not to degrade, they create long-term damage to the environment. Waste tyres create hazards to the environment and to human health if not recycled properly. In most developed markets tyres are recycled as crumb rubber, or used in rubberised asphalt, or cement kilns. However, Hugs&Co. are offering an alternative that will be available in online stores and at Harvey Nichols.   The TS1 loafer repurposes this material, and the simple process produces a tenth of the CO2 that new soles would use to make.

The line of loafers is Hugs&Co Tyre’s first line of environmentally conscious luxury footwear. Only a fraction of the energy used to produce new sole units is required to convert the waste tyres into usable shoe parts. The upcycled components add incredible durability and grip while retaining the elegant and classic style of the original hybrid shoe.

Tyre Sole Penny Loafers in navy blue suede model. Priced £150, the environmentally-conscious piece of luxury footwear has been made with the very softest of Italian suede combined with a natural leather lining.

The hand-stitched shoes to start from £120.00 .



Hugs&Co Tyre’s first line of environmentally conscious luxury footwear

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