Klean Industries Reaches Key Milestone

Jesse Klinkhamer
Klinkhamer says Klean has broken the 100Ktpa barrier for rCB

Klean Industries Inc is pleased to announce that Klean’s recovered Carbon Black (rCB) technology has reached a significant milestone in annual production and distribution of rCB which is now exceeding 100,000 metric tonnes annually. One key specialisation technology of the company, is its intellectual property and know-how for the processing of scrap tyres that transforms the waste tyres into high quality, valuable raw materials primarily recovered Carbon Black, Oil and Steel.

Klean Industries Breaks the 100,000 ton rCB Barrier

Klean’s tyre char upgrading systems enable the economic conversion of low-value tyre char into high-value Carbon Black replacements which can replace virgin Carbon Black by volumes of 10% up to 100% depending on the applications. The Klean Team targets customers who demand superior quality and environmental sustainability for replacing virgin Carbon Blacks in the range of N300 to N700 series. The Company’s commercial scale volumes of rCB is sold on long-term contracts with various parties around the globe that specialise in the production of mechanical rubber, masterbatch plastics and colourants for a multitude of industrial applications ranging from automotive to construction-based materials.

“We see a market opportunity so significant that we are now focusing the vast amount of our manufacturing capabilities to the production of recovered Carbon Black. An opportunity like this rarely happens and the market is so significant for alternative applications outside of tyres that we simply cannot produce enough material right now”, said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

Klean believes it has developed the largest production sales network of any rCB manufacturer globally because of our focus on quality, consistency and the relationships needed to develop and test products that have created long-term sales of meaningful value. Considering the growing demand for rCB; in 2017 ASTM International created Committee D36 to develop industry standards for recovered Carbon Black. The Klean Team’s personnel are key members of this Committee and contribute to these standards and test protocols being adopted worldwide.

For each kilogram of rCB used as replacement for traditional virgin Carbon Blacks, there is an offset of approximately 1.5 to 2 kilograms of crude oil, which also translates to a significant CO2 emissions savings of approximately 3 metric tonnes for every tonne replaced with rCB.

Klean sees the tyre pyrolysis and rCB opportunity as a symbiotic relationship between new product production and resource recovery. It is this advancement that will lead to a revolution in tyre manufacturing and recycling whereby both industries become fully integrated.


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