Qatar Pushes Recycling

Qatar Recycling

Qatar created 434,000 tonnes of building materials from waste in 2020.

Qatar Pushes to Increase Recycling

As the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) is set to organise the 1st International Waste Management Conference, Qatar is making steady progress in recycling waste to achieve its environment protection goals.

Last year, 434,000 tonnes of building materials were produced by recycling construction waste. According to information shared by the MME on its official social media accounts, 482,402 tyres were also processed in 2020.

The company handling the Rawdat Rashid Landfill site works on recycling construction waste to produce different building materials such as rubble, construction powder, and gravel in different measurements. 434,000 tonnes of building materials were produced in 2020.

The Rawdat Rashid Landfill also has a section for tyre companies and receives approximately 2,000 to 2,500 tyres per day. In total, about 482,402 tyres were processed in 2020.

According to another post shared by the MME, as many as 29,113 permits for waste disposal were issued in 2020. Permits for waste disposal are issued for landfills through an e-service managed by Waste Recycling and Treatment Department on MME’s website. The permits were issued for Umm Thneitein Landfill, Mesaieed Landfill and Rawdat Rashid Landfill.

The Ministry said that Qatar’s National Development Strategy Goals 2018-2022 include encouraging and supporting the private sector to pursue recycling projects for all types of wastes; devising a plan to manage solid waste which would emphasise country’ recycling strategy and handle hazardous waste and substances. Raising the percentage of the utilisation of recycled materials to 20 per cent by the end of 2022 and recycling 15 per cent of all generated waste by the end of 2022 are also part of strategy.

The MME also gave details of approved sanctions in the Al Afja Industrial Recycling Lots which include oil recycling, battery recycling, paper recycling, tyre recycling, scrap recycling, plastic recycling, wood recycling, glass recycling, food waste recycling, animal waste recycling, construction waste recycling and medical waste recycling.

In another tweet, the MME said that Qatar has four waste relay stations (West Doha Station, Dukhan Station, Industrial Area Station and South Doha Station) that receive waste from the Energy Department and transfer them to waste treatment centres or landfills.

 Source: The Peninsula, Qatar

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