The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

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Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control occasioned by the pandemic, we were unable to publish a physical copy of the Jersey Evening Post today (DATE)

You can, however, view a free copy of today's edition by clicking on the link below. It has never been more important to keep the island informed with balanced and accurate journalism and we are committed to ensuring that our readers continue to receive the same trusted news and content, albeit in a digital format.

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Californian Conundrum

In past years the US tyre sector has boasted of very high tyre collection and recycling rates, yet one simple statistic confounded the high...

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The Tyre Recycling Podcast

Tyre Recycling Podcast Episode 38 Discusses How Satellite Technology can Help the Scrap Tyre Sector Thanks to RisikoTek’s Product, Space Detective The latest episode of The Tyre Recycling Podcast and Episode 38 to be exact can now be viewed and listened to on all the...

Contec Appear in Episode 37 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast The podcasts are coming thick and fast at the moment and we have launched another edition with Episode 37 hitting the airwaves. This time...

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