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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Alabama’s Joe Wheeler Park Gets Rubberised Asphalt Roads

Roads inside Joe Wheeler State Park had not been repaved since the 1990s

Officials with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management cut a ceremonial ribbon recently for resurfaced roads at Joe Wheeler State Park paved with asphalt made with materials from scrap tyres.

ADEM provided a $1.16 million grant to Alabama State Parks for repaving using asphalt modified with rubber from ELT. One dollar from the sale of each tyre in the state goes into the state’s Scrap Tire Fund, which is used to remove scrap tyres from illegal dumps.  

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony today at Joe Wheeler State Park, ADCNR Commissioner Chris Blankenship noted the park’s new pavement is stronger, smoother and will last longer, thanks to its rubber composition.

“It’s always wonderful when two state agencies can work together for the betterment of Alabama’s residents,” Blankenship said. “We are incredibly grateful to ADEM, especially knowing the material used in the asphalt will require less maintenance and should last longer by holding up better in a wide variety of weather conditions. The smoother ride is definitely more pleasant for park-goers.”

The ADEM grant helped cover the cost of repaving roads inside the park, including the long access road from U.S. Highway 72 to the park’s lodge.

ADEM Director Lance LeFleur said the paving at Joe Wheeler shows how discarded tires can be used to benefit the public.

“Old scrap tyres are often a nuisance, because they’re all too often not disposed of properly,” LeFleur said. “Just about every Alabamian has seen discarded tyres on roadsides, which often collect water and become breeding grounds for pests such as mosquitoes. Tyres can also fill up landfills, which is something we also don’t want to happen. The best way to deal with old tyres is to find an alternative use, which creates a market for them. Using recycled tyres for asphalt is a perfect example of a beneficial use of discarded tyres.”

Source: Alabama Political Recorder