The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ARTIS: Evaluating Pyrolysis Carbon

Materials consultancy ARTIS are currently re-running their carbon crosscheck programme to re-evaluate the state of the art in Pyrolysis carbon. The study is taking samples of available carbon and carrying out a detailed evaluation of the materials in terms of cleanliness, colloidal properties (NSA and Void Volume), processing and “in rubber” properties. The current study will examine 25 material samples from 5 different continents.

ARTIS Continues Investigating Pyrolysis Carbon Properties

To an extent this is updating the study carried out two years ago, but in this instance the aim is to provide information to develop a technical specification for the material. This will enable some measure of consistency to be instilled into the market and give end users some level of confidence about the likely performance of the material, provided it can be adequately characterised.

It is clear from the samples received that there is a growing interest in this technology from around the world and the number of companies now producing good quality material continues to increase.

ARTIS have an unrivalled expertise in the characterisation and application of these materials to rubber products and will continue with ground breaking work to understand how they perform and what can be done with them. ARTIS will be making available some of the more detailed information from this study through its Sustainable Materials Group which will be formally launched later this year. It is anticipated that this group will form the basis for driving the industry forward and gaining credibility with the end users through increased understanding of the material and common goals.