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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Biehn Buys Barclay Roto-Shred

The Biehn Family, investors in multiple industrial companies, recently announced their acquisition of Barclay Roto-Shred, Inc., a Stockton, California based OEM tyre shredder equipment manufacturer. Barclay Roto-Shred will operate under the name Barclay Roto-Shred, LLC.

Barclay Roto-Shred LLC Announces Acquisition

This acquisition sits alongside American Cutting Edge (ACE), the blade manufacturing operation set up by Charles Biehn in 1965. Gregory Billhardt moves from COO at ACE, to the CEO role at Barclay Roto-Shred LLC.

“We’ve worked with Mark Diemunsch for many years and when he indicated he was interested in retiring, the shareholders thought it made perfect sense to purchase the company to keep the Barclay Shredder legacy alive. We’re very excited about the opportunity to continue to bring the tyre shredding market this high-quality machinery,” says Chuck Biehn.

“I’ve known the Biehn Family for many years and while I am retiring, I will be working closely with them as an advisor during the transition. I am confident that great things are ahead for Barclay Roto-Shred based on Chuck Biehn’s understanding of the tyre shredding business and his vision for the future. I am looking forward to seeing the expansion that is planned for the manufacturing facility and inventory,” shares Mark Diemunsch, owner and CEO of Barclay Roto-Shred.

The Ohio manufacturing plant will triple the capacity of the existing Stockton facility.

Sales and customer service of equipment will remain in Stockton, California as the facility in Dayton is prepared to take on the manufacturing operations of Barclay equipment. This acquisition will bring about some changes as Diemunsch transitions into retirement. Jim Southern, will be taking the role of Sales Manager at Barclay Roto-Shred, LLC to learn the line from Diemunsch. Over time, Southern will assume responsibility for driving the business forward. Southern brings two decades of industrial knife manufacturing experience to the table including significant time spent working with tire recycling OEMs.

Additionally, Ron Combs, who has been with Barclay Roto-Shred for over 25-years will be leading Barclay manufacturing in a newly tooled facility in Miamisburg, Ohio. “We’re thrilled to have Combs continue his tenure with Barclay Roto-Shred, LLC. It’s clear that Combs knows Barclay machines better than anyone and his pride of craftsmanship has helped build the Barclay brand to what it is today,” continues Biehn. “We’re looking forward to a new era for Barclay tyre shredders and are excited for what the future holds.”