The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Big Atom Strategise for the Future

Big Atom has plans to break the need for waste exports and hopes to address waste polymer issues with a local solution. The company has faith in localised recycling, reducing waste and creating profits.

Big Atom Plans for Groundbreaking Future

UK-based Big Atom is a relatively new face in the UK tyre recycling sector. Headed up by Alexander Guslisty, the company has an office in Great Portland Street, London, and a recycling facility at Ellesmere Port.

Guslisty told Tyre and Rubber Recycling that the company was taking a steady approach to building the business but has clear goals to create what was, as Big Atom views it, a true circular economy for polymers. Putting the materials from polymers back into polymers, an actual circular system, rather than an extended linear economy as most processes seem to be.

Currently, the Ellesmere Port plant is shredding, but a granulator will be on-line shortly, and the company is looking at identifying the correct reactor for a pyrolysis plant. The focus will initially be on creating a “crude” oil that will be delivered to refineries. The char recovered is not initially going to be the key focus of the project, though at a further stage a char upgrade option may not be off the table for discussion.