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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Blade Sales Division for Granutech-Saturn

Granutech-Saturn Systems sets up sales division to provide replacement cutters

Blade Sales Focus at Granutech-Saturn

Granutech-Saturn Systems has been at the forefront of shredder design for 50 years. It is a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of heavy-duty shredders, grinders and granulators, and powderisers and refiner mills.

Recently, the company launched its Cutter Sales Division, which will deliver new and rebuilt cutters with up to 30 percent faster lead times. The new Saturn Cutter Division now provides legacy customers of dual- and quad-shaft industrial Saturn shredders with replacement rebuilt cutter blades, including spacers or brand new blades.

“Whether you need brand new replacement cutters, or need your existing shredder cutters re-built, we have the capability to deliver a quality product, regardless of OEM shredder brand, with extremely competitive pricing and lead times that are often up to 30 percent faster than available elsewhere,” said Jonathan Maly, national sales manager for the Cutter Division.

Granutech-Saturn’s manufacturing capabilities, including their own machining and tooling division, renders them capable of offering cost-effective rebuilt cutters for others. The company also offers new and rebuilt cutters for other OEM shredders with each cutter going through rigorous testing for the correct tolerances to adhere to the original spec design.