The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

BOVAG Warns on Tyre Tax

Dutch trade association BOVAG has recently reminded importers to pay the recycling fee on imported tyres to avoid fines

BOVAG Reminder on Disposal Tax

BOVAG, a Dutch motor trade association has reminded the market about the tax due on imported tyres. In particular, car dealers need to be sure that the tyres on the cars they might import have had their taxes paid. BOVAG recommends that dealers should check with Vereniging Band en Milieu (BEM).

BOVAG warns car companies to pay close attention when ordering new tyres for passenger cars and vans online. There is a chance that the tyres come from a foreign supplier. If this party is not affiliated with the BEM the order will be regarded as an import with a fine for the car company.

Tyre importers are obliged to pay a disposal fee of 1.50 euros to BEM for each new tyre. The tyres are then collected and processed via Recybem, a collector of used car tyres. This concerns passenger car tyres, light van tyres, caravan tyres and trailer tyres.

Recybem carries out 1,200 spot checks annually. Tyre importers who are not affiliated with BEM run the risk of a fine. Membership of the association is free.