The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Carlisle Adds Crumb Rubber Option to Tyrfil

Carlisle TyrFil has introduced the latest extension to its TyrFil Recycling Technology lineup.

Carlisle Tyrfil Introduces Autofil-GenII Pump

The company says the new AutoFil-GenII pump can mix virgin tyre fill with rubber crumb, PU grind, or both rubber crumb/PU grind while delivering enhanced pump and grind speeds and reduced clean-up time. The AutoFil-GenII also offers an enhanced visual interface through a monitor with an improved HMI touchscreen, the company says.

The TyrFil Recycling Technology’s computer systems have been field-proven for more than a decade—and accurately metre and mix controlled amounts of virgin liquid tyre fill and granulated tyre fill to a homogenous TyrFil mixture that fills the tyre the same way as virgin liquid tyre fill.

The company says additional specifications and benefits of the new technology include:

  • Pumping speed up to 40 lbs./min.
  • Crumb/liquid ratio up to 65/35%.
  • Remote access via VNC app (phone, tablet, etc.) or web address (laptop or desktop PC).
  • Private, password-protected web page with accumulated weights for ISO, Catalyst, crumb, tyre count, tyre weight, and remote notification (text and email) of diagnostics. Additional data can be added as required.
  • Tyre size can be selected by desired recipe.
  • The machine will prompt the operator to drill the weep hole.
  • When hitting cycle complete, PLC data logs both ISO and Catalyst liquid weights, crumb percentage, total tyre weight, date, time, and tyre size. Other data is available upon request.
  • Sensing of the rubber crumb hopper level automatically starts/stops the grind process, depending on crumb level.

Additionally, the machine will monitor the grinder motor amperage to reverse the motor in case of grinder jams. The machine will also monitor the amperage of all drives, allowing for comparison to expected values for potential faults and diagnostics throughout the system. Finally, the AutoFil-GenII pump monitors the virgin and recycled material ratio and will “self-adjust” if the range becomes +/- 3%, to ensure greater accuracy and cost control.

Source: Carlisle Tyrfil