The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Connected Kerb and ENSO Partner in Recycled Tyre Use

Connected Kerb and ENSO are to partner to use recycled tyres at the kerbside with the project using data and charging systems create a smart city environment.

Recycling Tyres to Turn into EV chargers

British on-street charge point provider Connected Kerb and tyre developer ENSO have announced a strategic partnership. ENSO will supply end-of-life tyres to be recycled into Connected Kerb’s EV smart charging stations.

The cooperation is hoped to help “accelerating the two companies’ market-leading environmental initiatives,” according to the press release.

Connected Kerb has developed compact chargers for electric cars that can be mounted on curbs, traffic sign poles or boundary bollards at the roadside. The devices, which are about 30 centimetres high and cost 2,000 euros, have always incorporated recycled material and offer connectivity at slow charging rates.

The partners have not disclosed any further information on the scope of the recycling partnership.

ENSO Tyres Ltd (ENSO), hosted by the Jaguar Land Rover InMotion Ventures Incubator in London, is spearheading a consortium of industry-leading organisations including Renault, ARRIVAL, Gnewt, E-Car Club, Heathrow Airport, TARRC, Gnosys and Emissions Analytics.

Connected Kerb plans to provide an infrastructure solution that enables future communities through connectivity. Its smart cities platform integrates both power and data at kerbside to support electric and autonomous vehicles, and the application of advanced IoT technologies. Their vision is to create smart, sustainable and future-proofed streets for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers