The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Container Costs to Rise

Global shipping costs to keep climbing despite recent respite in price rises

Shipping Costs: Winners and Losers

Commentators of the container trade advise that there will be no return to low-cost shipping in the near future despite a recent break in price hikes. Whilst only marginally of interest to tyre recyclers, the trend in the price of container shipping is important to key elements of the market.  If container prices rise too high, then exports become less viable.

Containers from China to Northern Europe still cost 14,950 USD (12,800 EUR), and the transport of the steel boxes from China to a Mediterranean port has held at 14,250 USD (12,200 EUR). The route back is with 1,625 USD (just under 1,400 EUR) almost at a bargain price to have and one that those shipping waste to India should appreciate.

Prices for container transport from China to the west coast of North America have risen by a whopping seven percent within a week – from USD 16,245 (just under EUR 14,000) to USD 17,545 (around EUR 15,000). If the passage through the Panama Canal is added because the goods are to be landed on the east coast, the costs even rise from 19,250 USD (16,500 EUR) to 20,600 USD (17,700 EUR).