The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Continental Forest in Spain Highlights the Drive to Sustainability  

Continental, the Collaborating Urban Planning Authority of Ecopolígono Conservation Plataforma Central Iberum, Groupe CAT and URBAN CM have collaborated to plant the 500 trees and 1,500 shrubs that make up the Continental Forest

The forest is located in the Central Iberian Peninsula and the collaboration highlights the sustainability values of Continental, reflected in the creation of products based on the recovery of used materials, the focus on the circular economy of its factories and the continuous move towards sustainable development.

Alongside this collaboration, Continental, the EUCC PCI Urban Castilla La Mancha Groupe CAT – one of the main logistics operators in the world and the company collaborating on this project – work together to promote environmental and social responsibility. With this aim, they have created the “Continental Forest”, made up of 500 trees and 1,500 units of shrubs, all of the native species following the design of the green areas of Riego 0. The plantation covers approximately 55,000 m2.

To inaugurate the “Continental Forest”, José Manuel Tofiño, mayor of Illescas, Pedro Teixeira, director general of Continental Tires, as well as Antonio Pérez, director general of Groupe CAT and Miguel Ángel González Naranjo, director general of Plataforma Central Iberum, César Muntán, Manager of the Administration of EUCC PCI and various representatives of the local council, attended the installation of an information board specifying the details of the project.

Pedro Teixeira, states; “We are very happy to create projects in favour of nature, today more than ever of our activity and of many other actors in the sector. In this case, the collaboration with the Ecopolígono Plataforma Central Iberum Urban Conservation Collaborator has helped us to build a green space which will contribute to improving the quality of the air and improving the care of the environment.”