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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ECHA consultation says no Plan to Ban Artificial Turf Infill

The ECHA consultation on microplastics looked like the end of tyre granulate infill by default. The focus of the ECHA consultation was the addition of microplastics to cosmetics, cleaners and fertilisers. The definition of a microplastic being <5mm put artificial turf infill on the table for discussion.

European Commission Denies Plans to Ban Artificial Turf Infill

The ETRMA had, as recently as last month all but thrown in the towel on the fight for granulate, and was prepared to seek a derogation of any ban, to allow time to find alternative markets for tyre rubber.

However, the European Commission is now reported to have denied media reports on the potential ban, saying that it has no plans to propose a ban on artificial turf playing surfaces, but that it was considering how to best address the environmental and health impact of certain microplastics and encourage the development of sustainable alternatives.”

Whilst not a full denial of a ban on infill, it does suggest an awareness of the enormity of such a ban.