The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecopneus at Ecomondo

From 8 to 11 November, Ecopneus brings to Ecomondo the commitment to the development of the circular economy of End of Life Tyres and the new future scenarios of recycling: from the development of sectors for the use of recycled rubber to the potential in urban areas to new frontiers of industrial material recovery.

Ecopneus will be at Rimini Fiera with an exhibition area in the South Hall, stand 32, dedicated to the recycling of ELT, an increasingly central sector for developing the country’s circular economy. Thanks to the recycling of ELTs, precious recycled rubber is obtained, which, if inserted in a proper recovery path, can find applications and make a difference in many sectors, including;  road asphalts, sports facilities, animal welfare, construction, industrial uses, urban furniture, through to new opportunities for material recovery through chemical recycling, making a concrete contribution to investments in the green economy chain.

In Rimini, Ecopneus presents state-of-the-art and the perspectives of the sector at the conference entitled “Present and future of the recycling of End of Life Tyres” scheduled for November 9 from 10.30 to 12.30 at the Acero Room, in hall A6, focusing on results and new projects and future recycling scenarios such as the innovative road safety barriers to protect motorcyclists, developed by ANAS with recycled rubber from ELTs from the Ecopneus supply chain. During the conference, RUBWAY will also be presented, a virtual laboratory of knowledge, innovation and collaboration for the use of recycled rubber from ELTs in the field of design and architecture, developed by Ecopneus in collaboration with MATREC.

“We are proud to be at Ecomondo again this year, an event of absolute importance with which we share the same commitment to a more sustainable future, declared the General Manager of Ecopneus Federico Dossena;Ecopneus has always paid great attention and invests resources in research and innovation working alongside a network of specialised and authoritative partners, ranging from sector companies to universities, from institutions to research bodies to strengthen the various sectors of application of recycled rubber and create new employment opportunities. The great work in Research & Development that we carry out aims to consolidate scientific knowledge on the various possible fields of use of recycled rubber, both in already mature sectors and in others with strong potential for future growth.”

In 2021 Ecopneus collected over 200,000 tons of ELTs from over 20,000 tyre dealers throughout Italy, exceeding the legal target by 20%. Also, in 2021 Ecopneus intensely supported the recycled rubber application market, stimulating and encouraging the continuous improvement of treatment processes and products. In 2021 Ecopneus has allocated over 2 million euros in R&D projects to favour the development of the market of recycled rubber applications in terms of quality of materials and expansion of application sectors.

Thanks to Ecopneus recovery and recycling activity, the emission of 310 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent was avoided in 2021 (a quantity equal to those of 185 thousand cars that travel 10,000 km in a year), a water consumption of almost 1.23 million m3 (the amount of water needed to fill 495 Olympic swimming pools) and a raw material withdrawal of 282 thousand tons. Benefits in addition to the savings for the country linked to the reduction in imports of virgin material, totalling around 79 million euros.v