The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

End of Waste in Queensland

In late February 2021, Queensland Department of Environment and Science released the amended End of Waste Code for end-of-life tyres to include tyres used for silage storage, which deemed tyres as a resource instead of a waste product.

Queensland Silage Tyres  – End of Waste Classification

Under the EOW code, the tyre ‘waste’ product may be used as a resource like other products without requiring further regulation. As dairy farmers, tyres are a valuable and cost-effective resource to produce and store silage. The amendments to the EOW code include tyre use for silage, meaning that farmers will be able to continue to use tyres for this purpose.

But what does this mean for a resource user?

Acquiring tyres for your silage: The tyre provider will need to register with DES as a registered resource producer (RRP) to operate under the EOW code. The provider as a RRP will need to keep records supplied to a resource user including origin, quantity and date of dispatch of the resource as well as personal contact information of the resource user.

  • The RRP must provide the resource user a copy of the EOW code for end-of-life tyres, their business information and confirm in writing that the resource supplied is compliant with the requirements of the EOW code.
  • As a resource user you must record the business information (ABN, address and/or environmental authority number) of the RRP, date of acquisition of the tyres, quantity (tonnes) received and site of use of resource.

Without becoming a registered resource producer: The material is considered to be waste and must be managed in accordance with all the relevant waste management provisions until the person becomes an RRP.

QDO will assist its members who use tyres for silage to comply with the new legislation. Any QDO member who uses tyres for silage storage should contact to the office for assistance on (07) 3236 2955.

Source: Queensland Register