The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Enviro is the only Finalist in Chinese Tender Process

Enviro has been informed that it is the only final candidate in the tender process for a tyre-recycling plant for the Chinese tyre manufacturer Vanlead Group. The two parties have 30 days, from when the official tender certificate is issued, to agree on a final contract for the construction of a 30,000-tonne plant in Guangzhou, China. The order has a potential value of more than SEK 200 million.

Enviro in Excellent Position to Tender Vanlead Group

‘This proves the strong position of our technology in the international tyre-recycling market. Vanlead is one of China’s largest, and one of the world’s most progressive tyre producers, and has chosen Enviro’s technology to integrate tyre recycling with their own tyre production’, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

‘The plant will recycle 30,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres and produce 9,000 tonnes of recovered carbon black per year. The potential order value more than SEK 200 million, and the plant is scheduled for construction at Vanlead’s industrial site in Guangzhou. As far as we know, the plant will be the first in the world of its kind to be owned and operated by a tyre producer with the purpose to recover carbon black for its own manufacturing process. China is the world’s largest tyre market, and new, circular solutions for the handling of end-of-life tyres are a necessity, both environmentally and in terms of resources. Vanlead wants to be a leader in this development’, says Thomas Sörensson.

Vanlead Group is a state-owned industrial enterprise based in Guangzhou. The company currently has two tyre factories in China, with an annual capacity of 16 million tyres, and plan to build another in the USA.

Vanlead has chosen this strategy to show that it is possible to create a profitable circular economy with end-of-life tyres, while at the same time maintaining a high and stable quality in recovered materials such as carbon black. It is an important signal to the entire rubber industry that end-of-life tyres really are a resource for the tyre and rubber production of the future’, says Thomas Sörensson.

‘We have delivered recovered, high-quality carbon black to Volvo for nearly two years, and shown that Enviro’s technology is able to provide a high and stable quality to the rubber industry. Our primary focus now is to establish a first plant in China which will then open the door to additional plant sales all over the world’, says Thomas Sörensson