The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Exo-Track to Offer Rubber Waste Recycling

Barnsley-based Exo-Track Ltd., is now able to offer a low volume batch processing of rubber manufacturing waste.

The ambient processing line at Exo-Track is ideally suited to small batch processing of rubber manufacturing waste such as flashings, webbing, production rejects and other production line rubber waste.

Producers collect their trimmings and waste, which will be collected by Exo-Track who will then process the material to create a recyclable crumb that can be used in elastomer bonded products or reduced to a size that can be reincorporated in new rubber goods. Exo-Track will buy clean manufacturing waste free of wire, textiles or adhesives.

Kevin Exton, speaking for Exo-Track said, “We have a production line and we have extra capacity in the granulation stage, which is ideal for lower volume clean rubber waste processing. We have an offer here that benefits both Exo-Track by filling our capacity, and clients who have low to medium volumes of vulcanised rubber waste.”

Clients can either use Exo-Track to help create a closed loop management of their rubber waste, ultimately returning it to their own production lines, or they can simply have Exo-Track handle the ongoing recycling of their waste.

Exo-Track can show clearly defined markets for its rubber crumb. Suppliers of waste to Exo-Track can see the destination of their rubber and the end use can be verified by Exo-Track, thus giving suppliers the ability to add these green credentials to their own customer presentations as a zero-to-landfill rubber operation.

As a result of this new development at Exo-Track, the company is able to sell contaminant-free rubber down to 0.5 mm (35 mesh) from manufacturing waste that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Exo-Track is interested in developing specialist markets and will consider the processing of clean manufacturing waste rubbers of any kind.