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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

German Football Association Recommends Crumb Rubber

New football fields in Detmold, Diestelbruch and Heiligenkirchen in Germany are to be equipped with crumb rubber infill.

Crumb Rubber the Answer for DFB

This has raised some discussion following a recent media article in the Netherlands suggested that the infill may not be safe. However, the DFB (German Football Association) recommends using high-quality material, which is more expensive, but does not involve any health risks. The town of Detmold maintains artificial lawns in Jerxen-Orbke, Heidenoldendorf, Pivitsheide VL, Diestelbruch and Heiligenkirchen, which are filled with quartz sand and rubber, and it does not expect that there will be any health risks.

“All RAL quality-tested and DIN-tested rubber granules were used for all artificial lawns,” stated a spokesman. According to the manufacturers, the RAL quality is the highest requirement for recycled granulates from tyres throughout Europe.