The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Giuseppina Carnimeo Appointed as General Manager of Ecopneus

At the beginning of April, Giuseppina Carnimeo’s work began at the helm of Ecopneus, the consortium company that annually manages and recycles approximately 200,000 tons of end-of-life tyres, across all regions and provinces of Italy

This appointment marks the start of a new phase of consolidation for Ecopneus, which will be characterised by significant new challenges, related to the regulatory framework and the need to boost the recycled rubber market.

Nearly 13 years after the establishment of the national system for managing End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) according to the Extended Producer Responsibility principle, the current sector panorama requires intervention on reference standards to seize opportunities, ensure greater alignment with the national replacement market scenario, and keep pace with the development of ever-new application areas.

A crucial contribution to this process has been provided by Ecopneus’ constant and significant commitment to research and development (around 20 million euros over the last 10 years), through intense collaboration and a solid network of relationships with numerous companies in the sector.

Giuseppina Carnimeo commented on her appointment as the new General Manager of Ecopneus; “I embrace this challenge as an important opportunity for my personal and professional journey, but above all to contribute to the country’s larger sustainability goals, including circular economy, that is crucial also for its connection to combating climate change and conserving natural resources, as Ecopneus has been reporting for years in the Sustainability Report. Drawing on the experience and professionalism of the Ecopneus team, and thanks to the support of the Board of Directors and the President, whom I thank for their trust, I am already working to carry the baton towards ever higher goals of efficiency and quality, for the proper management that leads to the enhancement of the resource represented by recycled rubber.”

Giuseppina Carnimeo gained a degree in Economics and Commerce in 1998 from the University of Bari and a Master’s in “Environmental Management and Control” from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Perfection in 1999. Since then, Giuseppina Carnimeo has progressively managed commercial relationships in the environmental and waste management fields with increasing responsibility and autonomy. This involved ensuring sustainability and environmental compliance verification for companies operating in various industrial sectors.

Her professional journey encompasses diverse experiences, including roles in academia and consultancy. At CIAL since 2005, initially as the manager Responsible for Separate Collection Development, then with Responsiblity for Materials Management, and finally as the General Manager.

Additionally, Giuseppina Carnimeo is a co-author, along with Marco Frey and Fabio Iraldo, of the book “Product Management and Sustainability: Companies Facing New Perspectives of European Environmental Policies and IPPs (Integrated Product Policy)“. Published in 2002, the book delves into policies aimed at improving environmental impacts associated with the production and consumption of products, as well as the Integrated Product Policy (IPP).