The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Just Easy Tools Take the Work out of Lifting

Make the Just Easy Tools do the job

Handling end of life tyres is never a clean business and if a processing operation can have its feedstock delivered direct from transport to the processing point, then that is great. However, many do not have the luxury of Just in Time feedstock and often there are stacks of tyres waiting to be processed. That means one movement to get tyres off the vehicle, another to move them to the point of storage, and another to move them to the recycling process.

This is often done with a fork lift, or perhaps a dozer with a bucket. Moving tyres from a random stack to the point of processing. Could it be simpler and safer?

However,  tidiness in the workplace can improve both safety and efficiency, so taking tyres off the delivery vehicle and transporting them in stacks can be enhanced by using the Easy Tools Stacker (fork lift or trolley mounted).

Then there are OTR and earthmover tyres, these are not so easy to manhandle, so here Just Easy Tools can offer a range of handling solutions including the forklift mounted Easy Gripper. Designed to help with the fitting and removal of EM tyres, the Easy Gripper is ideal for moving OTR tyres around the yard, and to the point of loading, or to a buffing/ shredding point. The Easy Gripper is safer than simply loading a tyre onto the tangs of a forklift – it also enables rotation and positioning on retreading/ recycling equipment.