The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

100 Million mark for Western Rubber Products

Western Rubber Products Celebrates 100-Millionth Tyre Recycled in B.C.

100 million Milestone for Western Rubber Products

Western Rubber Products (WRP) in Delta British Columbia, a division of Liberty Tire Recycling, recently celebrated the ongoing success of their B.C. service model, which recycles over five million tyres annually repurposing them into new consumer products – contributing to Canada’s circular economy.

WRP has recycled the 100-millionth tyre in British Colombia, a milestone recognised by industry stakeholders, local government representatives, partner businesses, and employees.

As the largest recycler of scrap tyres in B.C., WRP has been safely serving every part of the province sustainably and reliably for over three decades. Working under Tire Stewardship BC in compliance with the B.C. Recycling Regulation, the company has been the province’s primary collector and recycler of used tyres since 1989. WRP ensures expert handling of every type of car and truck tyre, as well as other varieties, ranging from off-road to giant, mining truck tyres.

“Every tyre we handle is a tyre that is kept out of B.C.’s landfills and our natural environment, with materials repurposed into innovative, new and useful products,” said Neil Bansal, Regional Vice-President of Western Rubber Products, a division of Liberty Tire. “Our service model ensures we serve every part of the province, even rural areas,” said Bansal, “and as the province’s primary tyre recycler, we’re the only company with the critical mass necessary to handle both the pick-up and the processing of millions of tyres every year at the end of their roadworthy life.”

WRP recycles over five million scrap tyres every year, employing more than 120 full-time workers at their operations in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The company also works with numerous trucking contractors to transport tyres throughout the province. Recycled products like decorative mulch are in high demand, and different grades of ‘crumb rubber’ are used in the production of residential and industrial rubber mats, athletic surfaces, landscaping, and a wide range of other applications where durability is paramount.

WRP also partners with university research teams to stay at the forefront of tyre recycling innovation –investing in research and development to build longer-lasting roads and identifying new value-added uses for tyre fibre to extract even more value from recycled materials.