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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector


Dispute over tyre recycling in the Canary Islands as representative bodies ASINTRA and TNU clash

TNU Denies ASINTRA Complaint

The Industrial Association of Vehicle Repair Workshops of the Tenerife province (ASINTRA) has demanded urgent action by the Government of the Canary Islands to solve the mismanagement of end-of-life tyres on the islands, negatively affecting both companies and the environment .

This message has been sent by ASINTRA by letter to the Directorate General for the Fight against Climate Change and the Environment of the Government of the Canary Islands.

In the letter, the president of ASINTRA, Francisco Roca, points out that many workshops that want to correctly manage end-of-life tyres are having serious difficulties in registering in the integrated management systems (IMS) and having tyres collected. In many cases, the average waiting time is two months and, sometimes, they do not even respond to the request for discharge, according to ASINTRA

Another drawback that ASINTRA complained of regards the deadlines for collecting these tyres (ten days as a general rule): “Not only are they not being met, but they are doubling or tripling. Due to this delay, the workshops are currently storing significant quantities of ELT in their facilities, which creates a space problem and, worse still, causes a significant danger to the safety and health of people, since it considerably increases the risk of fire “.

ASINTRA called on the Ministry to act by regulating in a more effective manner the procedures for collecting and treating ELT. It also asks it to provide the mechanisms for monitoring, control of operation and verification of the degree of compliance with the percentages that the SIGs sent them, for the purpose of their authorisation, as well as the latest reports from the managers in order to analyse their real effectiveness.

In response to the complaint by ASINTRA, Treatment Neumáticos Usados, S.L. (TNU), issued a statement stating that it, “guarantees and complies with the collection of End of Life Tyres in the Canary Islands“.

In its statement, TNU says; “With regard to the information published in the media about the complaint made by ASINTRA about the deficiencies in the management of ELT, TNU clarifies that the problems are unrelated to its activity since TNU responds to all requests for the collection of ELT that have been made by the workshops and generating centres, and furthermore TNU has received no complaints whatsoever, and does not know the sources that ASINTRA has used to base their complaint.

“TNU has been collecting ELT within a maximum period of 10 business days from the request made by the generating centre, thus avoiding storage in the generating centres beyond the normal volumes in ordinary rotation.

“TNU does not carry out partial collection of NFU, but rather the collection is made of all ELT.

“On the other hand, TNU emphasises that, not even in the period of the State of Emergency has it interrupted its service, maintaining the service of collecting ELT from all generating points with absolute normality, periodic rotation and punctually attending each and every one of the requests that are received ”.