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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

eAZyBox for Aliapur

AZ-Métal offers a secure collection system for smaller tyre outlets

Aliapur Adopts AZ-Métal’s Containers for Tyre Collection

Smaller retailers and garages have often had issues with storing tyres prior to collection. French manufacturer AZ-Métal, has come up with a secure and compact solution that can resolve lower volume waste tyre storage issues.

Aliapur has taken delivery of the first 50 of such containers in France.

After testing, the boxes, called eAZyBox, have been adopted by Aliapur to help resolve the issue of lower volume collection points.

Manufactured in Brittany, the eAZyBox does not take up too much space, can take up to 130 car tyres, and is easier on the eye than a pile of used tyres. They also offer security from vandals and theft of part worn tyres.

eAZyBox is watertight, resistant to extreme weather, and has a locking system. The opening in its structure has been designed to make it easy to deposit tyres, and there is a means of visually verifying how full the container is.

While the principle of the small container has been officially integrated into the Aliapur call for tender for the 2021-2024 collections contracts, Aliapur has placed its first order for 50 eAZyBoxes, and they will be put into place throughout August in certain municipal landfill sites.