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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Scandinavian Enviro Systems Rebrands

Enviro launches updated brand platform and new graphic profile

To strengthen the work on commercializing it leading recycling technology, Scandinavian Enviro Systems is now launching a new brand platform, with a new vision, new brand and new graphic profile. The 2021 Annual Report, published on 28 April, will be the premiere.

The platform, which has been developed in cooperation with a leading branding agency, makes the company’s mission, brand promise, vision and values clear to internal and external target groups. At the same time, the company is also launching a new graphic brand identity with a completely new brand, a new design, including new brand colours, a new font and a new image style.

To make the transition from a promising Swedish technology company to a global, industrial and commercial player, Scandinavian Enviro Systems has been undergoing comprehensive change for a number of years. This is a change that places large demands on the company’s capacity in various respects and to meet these, the company is introducing new ways of working, new processes and broadens its expertise and organisation.

“In parallel, we have also developed a new brand platform over the past year, which will clarify our offering, how we work and what we strive to achieve in the various core areas. Our new platform makes our mission, brand promise, vision and values clear to internal and external target groups. We have involved a large section of our employees and the board of directors in this work and are proud of what we have been able to achieve together,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

The new platform contains a new vision, a clarified mission and genuine values. All of these are expressed in English.

“Enviro is clearly focused on international expansion and, accordingly, we have chosen to work with English expressions that emphasise our ambition, while in certain instances, they function better linguistically,” says Thomas Sörensson.

New vision: A world without waste.

The new vision shows what Enviro is striving for. The word “waste” can be defined as both refuse and misuse, thereby summarising both an approach and an offering. Waste is misuse of resources. Loss of production and other forms of business-related waste also fall within the definition of waste in this context. Waste that is not put to use becomes an even greater misuse of resources. Enviro’s technology can not only reduce waste, but also make use of the valuable raw materials included and transform them to revenue, which benefits the environment, the economy and surrounding society. It is a matter of sustainability in several dimensions through partnerships.

In conjunction with Enviro’s development of its new brand platform, the company also put a great deal of effort into understanding and clarifying exactly what characterises Enviro, its culture and way of working. The three values are the result of the employees’ own experiences and opinions.

  • Have integrity and be good.
  • Dedicated to make a difference.
  • Empower others and win as a team.