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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Enviro’s Blomquist To Speak on the Circular Economy

Enviro will be one of the companies to take part in a two-day cleantech seminar that investment bank Carnegie will initiate on the theme of circular economy and electric transportation.

Enviro Takes Part in Nordic Seminar

Alf Blomqvist, Chairman of the Board of Enviro, will hold a presentation where he will talk about the great opportunities that the company sees for its proprietary recycling technology and the steps that are now being made to industrialise and commercialise the patented technology.

The seminar is entitled “Circular Economy & Electric Transportation” and more than 20 Nordic companies will take part across the two days of the seminar. Among the companies taking part is Volvo Car Corporation, which was one of the first companies to use Enviro’s recovered Carbon Black on a large scale to increase its sustainability. Since 2016, Volvo Car Corporation has used more than 100 million chassis plugs that have been produced using recovered Carbon Black from Enviro’s plant in Åsensbruk in Dalsland.

Since the establishment of the first plant in Åsensbruk in 2013, interest in recycling and more circular methods has increased substantially. The two largest manufacturers in the tyre industry, French Michelin, and Japanese Bridgestone, recently made a joint appeal urging the industry to accelerate its transition to recovered Carbon Black.

“The fact that the two largest tyre manufacturers, who are also major competitors together holding a total market share of over 30 per cent of the global market, are taking such an initiative sends an incredibly important message. The companies also invited operators from different parts of the value chain to participate in what they called a shared journey towards increased circularity’,” says Alf Blomqvist, who will highlight the significance of both companies’ initiative at today’s presentation.

In the autumn, Enviro became the first company in the world to have its recovered Carbon Black certified under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification system (ISCC). In accordance with the certification, the production of new tyres using Enviro’s recovered carbon black, instead of virgin Carbon Black, provides a reduction in carbon emissions of a full 93 per cent.

“Incredibly exciting developments have taken place in the company in the past few years, and many decisive steps towards increased commercialisation and industrialisation have been taken. Enviro was early to realise the opportunities of more efficient recycling technology and more circular methods. It is, of course, very gratifying that the world is finally beginning to catch up with the company in this regard,” says Alf Blomqvist, Chairman of the Board, Enviro.