The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ETRMA Grows for 2022

The Board of Directors of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufactures’ Association recently met and agreed yesterday to welcome Nexen Tire Europe, as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia Tyre Producers’ Associations as new members of the Association, as of 2022. The ETRMA will then represent 15 global tyre manufacturers and 11 national sector Associations.

ETRMA Welcomes New Members

The Board also discussed and reaffirmed its strong commitment to the EU policy objective of a European economic recovery geared to meeting the Green Deal ambitions, a digital Europe, and safer roads.

ETRMA is fully committed to continue collaborating with the European Commission on the policy priorities to deliver on the green and digital transitions.

The Board emphasised the importance for the industry and its entire supply chain to be supported by an appropriate regulatory framework, while continuing nurturing its dialogue and cooperation with the European Institutions and relevant stakeholders in order to deliver on the EU priorities and on a more competitive industry in Europe.

“The European tyre industry has been a global leader in tyre performance, innovation and research, sustained by a unique regulatory framework (minimum thresholds, labelling…)” said Snr Annunziato, ETRMA’s President. “As we recently shared during our meeting with Commissioner Thierry Breton, we have the ambition to contribute even further to increased climate change mitigation targets, tackling tyre abrasion and continuing to improve road safety, whilst contributing to an increasingly circular economy”.

Mrs Fazilet Cinaralp, ETRMA’s Secretary General, underlines that “This year our association will welcome new members: Nexen Tire Europe, as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia Tyre Producers’ Associations. Our critical mass is growing and together we can create strong synergies to work even more efficiently towards a safer and greener Europe”.