The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

New OTR Recycling Plant for Western Australia

Mining tyres have always created a disposal issue – in the past they were often simply landfilled, or set aside in a tyre dump. However, attitudes have changed and the drive to recycle has seen an increase in options available to dispose of mining tyres.

Complete Tyre Solutions, a family run business in Jandakot, Western Australia claims that its $20m recycling plant will be the first in Western Australia to address the problem of recycling mining tyres.

Construction of his company’s new plant started in August 2022, with commissioning targeted for July or August next year.

The plant will deploy an Eldan shredder and a Salvadori MT-Rex tyre cutter. The MT-Rex cuts the huge mining tyres into manageable chunjks that can then be fed into the Eldan shredder designed specifically for handling largert OTR tyre segments.  

The business is supported by $3m of State and federal funding, as well as by new national regulations banning the export of whole-baled tyres for disposal overseas.

CTS managing director Leigh Cometti said the company was also looking at investing in a second plant at Port Hedland, preferably in partnership with an indigenous group, to shred OTR tyres collected from Pilbara mine sites for transportation to Jandakot.