The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Recircle Awards 2021: Nominations Shortlist Announced

Valebridge Media Services (VMS), the Crewe, UK and Madrid, Spain-based media services agency, has announced the shortlist of nominees for the inaugural Recircle Awards 2021, the recently launched awards event recognising sustainable innovation, production processes, management and services within the tyre retreading and recycling industries. 

The Recircle Awards Presents its Nominations Shortlist

The shortlist, selected from a preliminary list of candidates nominated by members of the public, was chosen by a specially constituted Nominations Committee, consisting of the respective editors of industry journals Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling plus a further eight individuals from the global tyre retreading and recycling industries selected according to their independent status and their acknowledged expertise within their respective fields. 

The shortlist of nominees for the 14 award categories which are open to the public vote is as follows: 

Best Tread Rubber Supplier  

  • Goodway Integrated Industries Berhad (GIIB) 
  • Kraiburg Austria 
  • Marangoni 
  • Maxrubber Industries Sdn Bhd 
  • Vipal Rubber 

Best Retreading Equipment & Accessory Supplier 

  • Central Marketing 
  • Tech Europe 
  • TRM 
  • Vipal Machinery 
  • VMI 

Best Tyre Recycling Industry Supplier 

Best Casing & Tyre Disposal Services Provider  

  • Kargro Banden 
  • Kurz Karkassenhandel 
  • North West Casing Company 
  • Tire Core Intl Ltd 
  • Vellco Tyre Control 

Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product 

  • Alprogetti: Climbing Gym 
  • CEVE-CINTEMACRoof Tiles 
  • COMSA SAU: Neoballast 
  • Shredded Tire: Echo Roof Blocks 
  • Tyromer – Upgraded TDP-B 

 Best Retreading Industry Innovation 

  • Insa Turbo / Grupo Soledad 
  • Kal Tire: Carbon Calculator/Maple Programme 
  • NeroforceDensolit Carbide Tools 
  • Rigdon: Robotic Cell Black Constrictor Twin 
  • Vipal: Eye Control Technology 

 Best Tyre Recycling Innovation 

  • Eldan: Foreign Object Detection System 
  • ENEA: Silicon Carbide from ELT and Plasma Torch 
  • Pyrum: Pyrolysis Process 
  • Rubberjet Valley srl: Recycled Rubber for New OTR Tyre Production 
  • Hypertym: Mobile OTR Tyre Recycling System 

Retread Industry Fleet Award 

  • Berliner Stadtreinigung 
  • Girteka Logistics 
  • JHL Transportes 
  • Volanbusz 
  • Vy Bus 

Best Publicity Campaign 

  • AIRP: Safety is in Your Hands 
  • Ecopneus: The Greatest Invention Since the Wheel 
  • Grupo Soledad: Corporate Video 
  • Kraiburg: Animal Tracks Campaign 
  • Signus Ecovalor: Social Media Campaign 

 Employee of the Year 

  • Ankita Saikia (Tyromer) 
  • Beatrice Stedile (Marangoni) 
  • Leo Linkesch (Marangoni) 
  • Mafi Palu (Tyrecycle) 
  • Saverio Musto (Corgom) 

Business Innovation Award  

  • CERUB 
  • Klean Industries 
  • Grupo Soledad 
  • Kal Tire 

Best Tyre Retreader 

  • Insa Turbo 
  • Kal Tire 
  • Marangoni SpA 
  • Michelin
  • Vaculug 

Best Tyre Recycler 

  • Liberty Tire Recycling 
  • Murfitts Industries 
  • Rubber Resources BV 
  • Tyrecycle 
  • XTyre Global 

 Best Company Director 

  • Dario Andreani (INSAMAR) 
  • Jorge Crespo (Vaculug) 
  • Pascal Klein (Pyrum Innovations) 
  • Dmitriy Psenichnikov (OOO Shina) 
  • Sudarsan Varadaraj (Elgi Rubber) 

“We are proud to be able to reveal our Short List of nominees for the inaugural Recircle Awards,” commented David Wilson, Chairman of the Nominations Committee and Publisher of Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling. “We were delighted to experience exceptional levels of engagement from the global tyre retreading and recycling industry, which has enabled us to put together what we believe to be a strong and balanced Short List with representation from across the whole of the world. I would like to express my thanks to the Nominations Committee for their commitment to this project and for their valued judgement in helping select such a high-quality list of nominees. 

VMS has also announced that the Voting process for the Recircle Awards is now open. Members of the public can vote for their preferred nominees by casting their vote via the Recircle Awards website at Voting is restricted to one vote per person per award category. 

The voting process will close at the end of March 5, 2021, and the winners of the Recircle Awards will be announced on March 15th, 2021.