The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

US Market Embraces Gradeall’s Tyre Baling Equipment

Gradeall, renowned for its MK2 tyre baler and sidewall cutter, celebrated a landmark year in 2023 with its expansion into the American market

This move was marked with the sale of 10 MK2 tyre balers and their labour saving Inclined Tyre Balers to Trade Your Tires based in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Trade Your Tires LLC, a major scrap tyre collection service in Georgia, has seamlessly integrated Gradeall’s balers across multiple sites. The MK2 Tyre Balers have been instrumental in transforming environmentally hazardous piles of waste car tyres into neatly packed, PAS108 spec bales, enhancing storage efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

These balers have demonstrated impressive performance and cost-efficiency. Featuring the latest hydraulic power pack with a regenerative hydraulic function. The Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler manages to do the work of a 15Kw power pack using only a 7.5Kw, with the pressing force and cycle times not adversely affected, all whilst minimising electrical consumption.

A distinctive feature of the MK2 tyre baler is its remote monitoring capability, thanks to on board internet connectivity making this a ‘Smart Baler’. This feature was pivotal for Trade Your Tires as it enables them to monitor their fleet of balers and track output at each site. Additionally, a bale count function streamlines their workflow, as containers can be organised for collection when they are full. This ensures that their sites remain clear with as much safe working room as possible.

The tyre disposal market in the USA, while still evolving, shows a growing preference for bale-based solutions for end-of-life tyres. These bales often find their way into various channels, such as shredding, pyrolysis, or as tyre-derived fuel. There is a significant market demand for these bales, and more importantly a vast amount of scrap tyres that need to be dealt with across all of the US.

The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor has notably improved the workflow at Trade Your Tires. At their main site, which handles the largest volume of tyres, the conveyor has been extremely well received by the employees who load the balers. It reduces physical strain and risk of repetitive strain injuries, enhancing site morale and boosting productivity with a pair of MK2 tyre balers operating in tandem.

Simon Nguyen from Trade Your Tires has praised the conveyor for reducing operator fatigue and injury risks, emphasising its ergonomic design for waist-height operation and easy tyre loading.  

Gradeall’s foray into the US market has taken a number of years, but 2023 has seen several other US based customers take delivery of Gradeall Equipment. By addressing operational challenges and improving efficiency of the baling, Gradeall has set a new standard in the industry. Those interested in Gradeall’s range of solutions for End Of Life tyres can find an impressive array of equipment on their website, showcasing over a decade of strides in improving this sector.