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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Wolfersdorff Webinar Series Launched

Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin has began his series of webinars that highlight the use of rCB on plastics colouring.

Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin starts webinars

Tyre and Rubber Recycling contributor, Martin von Wolfersdorff has built a considerable global presence with his agency Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin, specialising in the recovered Carbon Black sector. Martin has become the ubiquitous attendee at trade conferences around the world, often presenting as an independent expert on the subject of tyre pyrolysis.

Von Wolfersdorff’s latest offer is a series specialist webinars. The first was an in-depth review of “recovered Carbon Black in the plastic colour concentrates”. It explained the state of technology of recovered carbon black, introduced basics of colour concentrates, also called masterbatches, and then showcased concentrates containing recovered carbon black and highlighted important test methods and ways to improve the colour of recovered carbon black masterbatches as well as regulatory aspects like food-contact.

This webinar is an especially useful point of information for those looking at markets for recovered carbon black and gives an in-depth review of a very real alternate market for rCB.

The webinar recording is available on the website of Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin and a follow-up-webinar “Advanced Plastics Applications for rCB” is already scheduled for July 15th 2020 at 14h00 CEST.

Webinars covering the subject of rCB in colour concentrates are also scheduled to take place in German, Spanish and French starting with German on July 1st at 14h00 CST.

A full list of webinars, workshops and conferences being carried out by Martin von Wolfersdorff is available here.