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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Micronised Rubber Makes its Mark at Tire Tech

Tire Tech: Micronised Rubber comes to the fore at industry exhibition in Hannover.

Micronised Rubber Wins Allies

At the 2019 Tire Tech Exhibition in Hannover, micronised rubber made an impression on the tyre industry. The growth of interest in micronised rubber was sparked by Michelin’s purchase of LeHigh. The barrier was smashed and the doors were opened to the product.

Not only did LeHigh’s Kadar Murthy moderate and present at the recycled rubber seminar, but he was joined by Tinna Rubber’s Guarev Sekhar and Arun Kapoor who presented their experience in ambient produced micronized rubber.

Tinna Rubber attended Tire Tech for the first time with their recycled rubber products, and also exhibiting was Kargro Recycling with a focus on its own micronised rubber powders.

Micronised rubber powder is now making its mark and Murthy told the audience that some 500 million tyres had now been produced using a percentage of micronised rubber.