The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Murfitts Industries Offer Safe Crumb Rubber Infill

The UK’s Murfitt’s Industries has begun marketing what it claims to be the first 100 percent safe crumb rubber infill for sports surfaces.

New Step for Crumb Rubber Infill – Argued Murfitt

The product, called PRO-gran is described as a “Polymeric Infill that provides exceptional performance, it is the winning formula for 100 percent pitch safety, both for players and the wider environment. What’s more, it has been thoroughly tested and exceeds the EU’s toughest toxicology standards since it releases no heavy metals, PAHs, or microplastics.”

PRO-gran is a Polymeric Infill that combines the dynamic properties of rubber, which is then “coated in polyurethane to make it 100 percent safe”.

What differentiates Murfitt’s product from similar materials available elsewhere in Europe is the research and data backing up the product. Elastomer-coated rubber granules are already in use, in Italy in particular, but Murfitt’s has taken the extra steps to provide solid research data to back its claims for the product. That data is not always available from other producers of similar materials.

In fact, when talking to rubber processors, this is a point that Tyre and Rubber Recycling has been increasingly asking about. Do they know what they are selling? Can they specify the chemical make up of the rubber they are selling on? We believe that this is the way ahead for the ambient market – analysis and specification of the end material by chemical content as well as by size.