The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Polymer Fuel Process for Tyres Developed

University of Zambia School of Engineering, Lecturer and Researcher, Dr. Sam Sichilalu, has developed an innovation designed to generate fuel from polymer waste such as discarded tyres, plastic, and rubber.

Zambian Researcher Develops Polymer Fuel Process for Tyres and Plastics

The development called a “polyfuel prototype” converts waste tyres and plastic materials into high grade polyfuel (industrial fuel) which is a hydrocarbon mixture of petrol, diesel and kerosene with methane vapor.

Dr. Sichilalu says that the polyfuel innovation will not only provide a cheap source of energy, but will also solve the problem of the disposal of waste tyres/plastic thereby contribute to the control of environmental pollution and will reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

He said that the polyfuel produced is safe to be used as industrial fuel in electric generators, boilers, diesel pumps, furnaces, and in cars.

Dr. Sichilalu will be exhibiting his innovation at the 93rd Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka. Please visit the University of Zambia stand for this and more innovations that UNZA will be showcasing from 31st July 2019 to 5th August 2019.