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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

PowerHouse Energy Group Sign MOU

As discussion on social media group Linkedin has developed around the failure of the UK (and other) governments to invest in pyrolysis as a waste treatment policy. One UK operation has taken a first step towards real commercialisation. Currently the project is targeting waste plastics, but it could equally be adapted to recycle tyres once established. The DMG process can be run at high temperatures of around 1000 degrees and can produce hydrogen in large quantities.

Powerhouse Energy Signs MOU for DMG process

PowerHouse Energy Group plc, the UK technology company pioneering hydrogen and clean energy production from waste plastic, which we recently featured in Tyre & Rubber Recycling, has agreed an MOU with exclusive development partner, Waste2Tricity Limited (“W2T”). W2T has agreed that electricity generated by W2T at Protos using DMG technology will be sold into a private grid operated by Protos, and W2T has also agreed a supply agreement for unrecyclable plastic for the DMG plant.  This is a further step in the road to towards achieving Financial Close for the first commercial site utilising PHE’s DMG Technology.

A MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreement has been agreed by W2T with the innovative recycler, Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD), which will see the two companies work collaboratively at the Protos site in Cheshire. The generated electricity from the DMG® process will be supplied back to ASD from the Protos private grid at discount to current power market prices, which will be commercially beneficial to all parties.

W2T has also agreed a supply of feedstock to W2T for processing by DMG Energy Recovery Technology, which is intended to come from un-recyclable plastic from ASD’s PET plastic recycling project at the Protos site, at a price significantly below current landfill prices. W2T has also arranged back up supply lines for the DMG® plant in the event of delays.

David Ryan, CEO of PowerHouse Energy, commented:

“We are very pleased that our DMG® Energy Recovery Technology will be a key part of the solution at Protos fostered by Peel Environmental with W2T and ASD, which envisages  the regeneration of plastics in a circular economy approach to waste management. This matches our vision for the application of the DMG technology and we believe it heralds the finalisation of a number of further DMGprojects.”