The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Rathi Group to Install Two R4000-HD Secondary Shredders

Rathi Group has finalised the order for two R4000-HD model secondary shredders from Ahmedabad-based Fornnax Technology

“The two R4000-HD secondary shredders set to double annual capacity for tyre shredding and tyre wire cleaning,” informed Ravi Rathi, Director, Rathi Group. 

Fornnax Technology continues to book orders from the domestic and overseas markets for R4000-HD shredders after its global launch at the recently concluded IFAT Expo 2023 in Mumbai.

New lines to double the plant capacity

The new installation will increase tyre shredding and tyre wire cleaning capacities to 150,000 metric tons and 25,000 metric tons, respectively. “Alongside this, there is an expansion in the works for the pyrolysis system, increasing by 40 metric tons per day, which will boost the group’s total pyrolysis capacity to 160 metric tons per day.”

This expansion is a proactive response to the anticipated demand from prospective recovered carbon black (rCB) buyers. As a result, the company is in the process of establishing dedicated rCB production units specifically for its major customers. Currently, the company’s rCB product, CAPITAL CARBON, is in various stages of trials with leading users in the market.

Doubling of rCB capacity is in line with catering for the surging demand from tyre industry, which requires quality rCB to meet sustainability and circularity goals. On investment, Ravi Rathi confided, “We are investing an additional INR 150 million on new expansion, which involves installing two R4000-HD shredders.” The first machine is expected to be operational in January 2024, and second machine by March 2024.