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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector Seeks rCB Input

Tyre industry giants invite all actors to play their part in the rCB framework

Play a Part in the rCB Call to Action

Following the announcement of the Call to Action by Bridgestone and Michelin at the Smithers recovered Carbon Black Conference, there is now an opportunity for those parties interested in being involved in the consultation to register their interest.

The website for the Call to Action can be found at

Just go to the site and register your interest.

The plan according to Sander Vermeulen from Michelin is to keep the initial consulting group compact. Rather than involve every actor, the project will involve a few leading players in the initial steps to generate a White Paper in early 2022.

This White Paper is likely to set out the achievable expectations from both the tyre manufacturers and the leading tyre pyrolysis operators. It will then be opened for further discussion to help create the framework for a recovered Carbon Black market.

The need for a framework is clear. Tyre manufacturers need to specify what they need, characteristics, continuity, and volume. The pyrolysis sector needs to work at pathways, in cooperation with the markets to meet these needs. In doing so a framework for a future rCB market will be built.

That framework will create investor confidence that is required to scale up existing production, or finance large scale start-ups that have been struggling due to the lack of market and the lack of investor confidence.