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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Recircle Awards 2021: Six Additional Award Categories Announced

In an effort to ensure increased inclusivity on a global scale, the Recircle Awards have unveiled six new award categories. Four of them will be open to public vote. Additionally, two Lifetime Achievement awards have been confirmed. 

The Recircle Awards Unveils Six New Award Categories  

Valebridge Media Services (VMS), the Crewe, UK and Madrid, Spain-based media services agency, has announced the addition of six further award categories for the inaugural Recircle Awards 2021, the recently launched awards event recognising sustainable innovation, production processes, management and services within the tyre retreading and recycling industries. 

Following the announcement on November 30, 2020 of the shortlists for the first 14 categories VMS has announced four additional categories that will be open to the public vote. A shortlist of candidates for each of these awards has also been announced. 

The four new categories and their respective nominees are as follows:

The “Spirit of Retreading” Award 

This is an award specially designed to recognise particularly noteworthy contributions to the retreading industry by mid-sized, small or regional retreaders. The nominees are: 

– Sumerel Tire (USA) 

– Kayel Tyre Retread (Malaysia) 

– Mega Treads (South Africa) 

– Unigoma (Argentina) 

– Yashina (Ukraine) 

Tyre Pyrolysis Award 

An award to recognise significant contributions to the tyre recycling sector by companies active in the burgeoning tyre pyrolysis sector. The nominees are: 

– Bolder Industries (USA) 

– Delta Energy (USA) 

– New Energy (Hungary) 

– Pyrum (Germany) 

Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Sweden) 

Tyre Repair Award 

This award has been introduced to recognise the importance of the tyre repair sector to the retreading industry and seeks to reward particularly noteworthy contributions from companies active in this area. The nominees are: 

– Elgi Rubber (India) 

– ITRS/Vulcan-Vulcap (Canada) 

– Myers Tire Supply/Patch Rubber (USA) 

– Rema Tip Top (Germany) 


Business Breakthrough Award 

An award to recognise a significant impact in terms of new market entry or growth by a company active within the tyre retreading or recycling sector. The nominees are: 

– Fornnax (India) 

– Gradeall International (United Kingdom) 

– ITRS/Vulcan-Vulcap (Canada) 

– NeroForce (Germany) 

– Silvercap (Brazil) 

Additionally, VMS has announced two Lifetime Achievement Awards for the tyre retreading and tyre recycling industries respectively, the winners of which will be selected by a voting committee managed by the respective editors of Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling. 

David Wilson, Managing Director of Valebridge Media Services, commented; “One of the key aims of the Recircle Awards is to provide an inclusive experience for companies from across the tyre retreading and recycling sectors, regardless of their size or which region of the world they are from. We believe that the addition of these six new awards helps ensure that excellence across the whole of the industry is suitable recognised.” 

VMS has also announced that the voting process in now open for all 18 of the Recircle Awards categories that are subject to the public vote. Members of the public can vote for their preferred nominees by casting their vote via the Recircle Awards website at Voting is restricted to one vote per person per award category. 

The voting process will close at the end of March 5, 2021, and the winners of the Recircle Awards will be announced on March 15th, 2021.