The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Recycled Tracks for the Military

At the Italian Military Academy of Modena an athletics track with recycled rubber from End of Life Tyres has been created thanks to Ecopneus.

Modena Military Academy Gets Recycled Rubber Facility

The best in the sport of the Army and the Carabinieri can now access a latest generation athletics track, FIDAL and WORLD ATHLETICS approved, made with recycled rubber from End of Life Tyres.

The new athletics track made with recycled rubber from End of Life Tyres was recently inaugurated at the Military Academy of Modena, the only basic training institute for officers in permanent service of the Army and of the Carabinieri.

The surface was made with the best available technologies and is able to combine athletic performance at the highest levels with the ever-increasing sustainability of the sports infrastructures of the Armed Forces, thanks to the presence of recycled rubber obtained from the recovery of End-of-Life Tyres. An intervention carried out thanks to Ecopneus, the non-profit company main operator in the management of ELTs (End of Life Tyres), with the technical support of Casali Sport, a leading company in Italy in the creation of sports surfaces and athletic tracks.

The system installed at the Military Academy of Modena is of the waterproof type, consisting of an elastic base layer, made on site and consisting of recycled rubber granules from ELT and polyurethane binder, with a surface coating in self-levelling polyurethane resin with a finish on which the lines of the lanes are drawn.

The layer cast in place guarantees homogeneity thanks to the absence of joints and is designed to obtain an adequate shock absorption with consequent optimisation of the elastic energy return, guaranteeing the general improvement of sports performance and a uniform dynamic response. The coating also guarantees excellent performance in any climatic situation.

“We are proud to be able to make a state-of-the-art sports surface made of recycled rubber available to the Military Academy of Modena in such a high-level context,” said Federico Dossena, General Manager of Ecopneus.

“The sports sector is the sector that currently absorbs the largest amount of recycled rubber produced by the Ecopneus supply chain, on average between 30 and 40 thousand tons per year. This is because the addition of recycled rubber gives the surface the characteristics suitable for sports even at the highest levels and the necessary protection of athletes’ performance. These are solutions that look to the future and to an ever greater sustainability of sports infrastructures as well ”.

The surface finish of the Sportrack SW-PM system made by Casali Sport is approved by the FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics) and World Athletics, the organisation that deals with athletics worldwide formerly known as the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The versatility in the composition of the system allows the creation of the most suitable surface for the different needs of use, from international competitive competitions to surfaces for daily training. Lastly, the intervention also included the extraordinary maintenance of the existing rugby field by recharging the performance infill between the blades of synthetic grass with granules of recycled rubber from ELTs, as well as the construction of the new free body training platform in blue anti-trauma cast flooring entirely made up of recycled rubber granules and neutral polyurethane binder.