The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Recycling Tyres in Colombia

Increasingly, tyre recycling is becoming a “must have” industry around the world. Without tyre recycling the world is simply storing up huge problems for the future. There is a focus in the media on North America and Europe, but the reality is that every nation eventually comes to the realisation that it needs to manage its waste, and that waste has a potential value to the economy.

Rueda Verde Leads the Way in Colombia

One country that has been given a poor image by Hollywood and the US Government is Colombia. It has an unenviable reputation that we need not go into. However, like most countries, the greater part of its citizens and business community is quite legitimate. It faces the same challenges and opportunities as any other nation, and one might even argue that in its tyre recycling it is ahead of the free market preferred in the USA.

Chile has had a legitimate tyre recycling structure that was established in line with Resolution 1457 of 2010 and Resolution 1326 of 2017 of the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

This has established requirements to recycle, and a system of authorisations of bodies permitted to recycle. According to Rueda Verde’s Elmer Cardozo Guzman, there are currently around 20 authorised collection systems in Colombia. Rueda Verde is the largest, representing the key players in the Colombian market.  It was established as far back as 2009 as an initiative of the  National Association of Colombian Entrepreneurs – ANDI.

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